“The Ultimate Health Shift” feat. Dr. Katie Henry

February 2, 2017
Enjoy this interview with the energetic and passionate, Dr. Katie Henry. Katie is an intuitive lifestyle coach and Desire Map Facilitator. She has a background in as a doctor in physical therapy and yoga teacher.
In this interview, Dr. Katie shares:
* What Desire Mapping is and why it's the key in creating the life you want
* Why it's important for people working in a service industry to make their own health a priority
* What one simple thing everyone can do to transform their health and happiness
* How you can make the ultimate shift in your health!
Katie has an online summit coming up, The Ultimate Health Shift, that features 35 health and wellness experts (I'm one of them!) that will have you busting barriers, transforming thoughts, and nourishing your body and soul. It's a very holistic way of approaching your health and wellness. I guarantee you won't find a line up like this anywhere else in the world! 

It starts Monday, February 6th, 2017. Go here to sign up - http://www.theultimatehealthshift.com/ref/10/


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